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Client Case Study


More than simply a real estate brokerage firm, AALTITUDE has grown into a trusted home advisor for growing your equity and helping build your long-range financial security. Danniel is a young and energetic real estate agent that started his own company. He wanted to create a website that works as a landing page for his clients. Danniel Grigorian has always believed that to expect more, you have to reach beyond the traditional boundaries.


To create a website and landing pages to differentiate Aaltitude and Danniel from other real estate agents in the area. He wanted to connect his website to MLS and, in addition, be able to add his pocket listings manually to his website.



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We recorded videos of him talking to potential clients and testimonial videos. We want to communicate the fact that he is young, energetic, and hard-working. Compared to other agents his age, he has unique marketing skills for his buyers and sellers. He goes the extra mile. We wanted to communicate all his skills on his website and video.