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Blended Marketing Campaigns

What is a blended marketing campaign?

A blended marketing campaign starts with a marketing concept for your business. It can be a special offer or promotion. Ads and videos (Creative) are produced to communicate with your target audience. Media buys are purchased on different ad networks to place the ads and generate traffic and leads. It is called blended because the campaign is designed to run on multiple marketing channels to produce the best results possible. It allows the target audience to see your ads everywhere they hang out. The campaign is designed to run for 3 to 12 months. Campaign results are measured in real-time and the campaigns are adjusted accordingly.

Marketing Channels

Depending on your campaign strategy, your ads are placed on one or more of the following marketing channels:

  • Paid Search ads Google Ads Search Network.
  • Paid banner ads on Google Ads Display Network.
  • Video Ads on Facebook Ads and Instagram.
  • Video Ads on YouTube.
  • Classified Ads on Craigslist, local newspapers, online newspapers.
  • Banner and video ads on Business Directories.
  • Geofencing ads targeting people who enter specific buildings or areas.
  • TV ads on cable
  • Video ads on smart TVs and streaming devices


Creative is the term used to refer to everything that goes into creating ads. Placing ads require many types of ad creative such as:

  • Writing the campaign idea.
  • Headlines, ad copy, call-to-action.
  • Designing graphic banner ads in 20-30 sizes as per the requirements of each ad network.
  • Writing a video script for actors and voiceover talent.
  • Licensed Music for the video.
  • Licensed stock photos and stock videos.


Production refers to the work performed to produce the ads, commercials and creating the ad campaigns on the various marketing channels:

Video Production

  • Shooting video including securing a shoot location, hiring actors, equipment rental, shooting the video.
  • Video editing. Creating a final edit and editing shorter versions usually in 30-second and 15-second cuts.
  • Creating a YouTube channel if needed.
  • Creating video thumbnails for YouTube and uploading the videos to YouTube.
  • Optimizing the videos for SEO.

Create Ad Campaigns

  • Google Ad Search, Display, and video ad campaigns.
  • Facebook & Instagram banner and video ad campaigns.
  • Placement and insertion of classified ads.
  • Geofencing targeting and ads.
  • TV ad instructions and trafficking.


Depending on the scope of the blended campaign, you may receive multiple reports on Basecamp. To make things simpler for our clients, our team will create a custom summary report where you can see the overall performance of your campaigns across all channels. We use Google Data Studio to compile data from the various campaign and distill the data to one or two pages. Please note that this work may take a few weeks to complete.

Media Buy Budget

Your strategist will present a proposed campaign budget based on campaign objectives. It lists the monthly ad budget for each ad network or channel. Once the campaign starts, Navazon will buy the media accordingly. You will not be charged for anything over the ad budget. Navazon will monitor and recommend adjustments to the budget to achieve the best results. For instance, if we see that Facebook ads are performing better than Google ads, we may shift the budget from Google to Facebook to improve the overall performance of the blended campaign. Your strategist will communicate these recommendations with you for your approval before making changes.

Payments for Blended Campaigns

The cost of creating and running a blended marketing campaign usually consists of the following components:

  • Creative. The cost to write and produce the ads and commercials.
  • Setup Charges. The cost to create ad campaigns, CRM, and other infrastructure necessary to manage the campaign.
  • Media Buys. The airtime and media charges that are paid to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TV stations, and other ad networks where your ads run. This is usually the bulk of the cost.
  • 15% Agency Commission. This is the fee that Navazon charges for managing the ad campaigns. It covers the costs of continuous monitoring and adjustments of ads, targeting, and reporting.

The costs of Creative and Setup Charges are due before the campaign begins. Media buys are due 10 days before the first of the month as we have to pay the ad networks 7-10 days before the first of the month for your campaigns.

Depending on your agreement, creative and setup charges may be divided across the term of the campaign.