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Elite Clinical Network manages several research clinics. They utilize the most advanced knowledge and practices in the industry to move clinical trials from beginning to completion while supplying high-quality data to pharmaceutical companies. They came to Navazon to help them secure more studies for their various clinics.

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We wanted to position Elite Clinical Network as an authoritative nationwide clinical research company, poised to deliver quality results to the pharmaceutical industry as well as distinguish ECN from their competitors.


What sets Elite Clinical Network apart from its competitors is their dedicated management team. We wanted to focus the messaging on them, first and foremost. They also have highly developed quality control workflow which ensures quality data, and we needed to communicate that clearly and concisely.

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To highlight the dedicated management team, we decided to shoot professional headshots of the team and shoot a video with having the team members talking on camera. We felt that was the most direct way to share their expertise and professionalism while adding a personal touch. We performed competitive market research, making sure that the value that we will eventually present to the pharmaceutical companies will be superior to those of Elite’s competitors.

  • Website Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Video Production
  • Staff Photography
  • Company Brochure
  • B2B Marketing


We hired a spokesperson to interview Elite Clinical Network’s CEO on camera, and we also shot videos of the management team talking about their roles and contributions. We created a professional website that highlights the value offerings of Elite Clinical Network while communicating the many benefits of selecting them to conduct clinical studies. We also created many B2B marketing pieces including print brochures, business cards, trade show booth, retractive banners, and posters.


As a B2B business, it is important to receive steady and predictable traffic and leads. We can see in the slide below that Elite Clinical Network’s website receives a steady and predictable flow of traffic, mainly from organic search (in blue). In addition, there is a predictable flow of Direct traffic (in green), which means user typed in the domain name. This happened most likely because they saw it in a tradeshow or by referrals (in red) from their managed clinics, which are also marketed by Navazon Digital.