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Genco Payments

Genco Payments

Genco was created and is overseen by one of the industry’s most respected payment attorneys, with over 20 years experience handling complex credit card processing matters. Our knowledge and level of sophistication enable us to tailor a solution that is not only fast and efficient, but also optimized for your particular industry and business style.

Genco Payments


The main objective was to make sure business owners of so-called “high risk businesses” who were having difficulty qualifying for payment processing found Genco Payments.  Secondly, we wanted to make sure that the site was easy to navigate so that the reader, who is usually a very busy executive, can quickly find what they need to make their decision.


We started where we normally start; by doing lots of research. An in-depth site audit revealed many issues with the site structure, copy and the overall optimization method. Their many areas of expertise needed to have their own highly optimized landing pages in order to rank high on search engines, so we recommended redoing all of the copy and rebuilding the site.

Logo design Digital Marketing Agency

Logo Design

Website Design Digital Marketing Agency

Website Design

Copywriting Digital Marketing Agency

Copy Writing


Our copywriter had a number of long conference calls with the attorneys at TFM Law in order to completely understand their unique offerings for each type of high-risk business. He then wrote headlines and copy for each landing page. With that copy, we created highly optimized landing pages for each business type.

  • Logo Design
  • Website
  • Copywriting


For the overall design of the website, we used high-contrast LA street imagery along with vibrant color logo and headlines for a high-impact landing page design. We created Google Ads campaigns for each area of expertise, using long-tail keywords and negative keywords to deliver highly-targeted traffic to the landing pages.