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Hope Clinical Research

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Dr. Azami and his experienced team created a clinical research site that was different than other sites.  They were providing high-quality data to pharmaceutical companies while protecting the well-being of their patients. His new clinic was ready, the staff was trained but he needed more studies. He needed to reach pharmaceutical companies with the right messaging. In addition to that, he needed to enroll more patients in his studies.

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Hope Clinical’s marketing needed to reach and engage two distinct audiences:

  • Pharmaceutical companies and sponsors. They need to be assured of the capabilities and credibility of the clinic and its staff. More importantly, they need to know that the study data gathered is of extremely high-quality with strict adherence to standards.
  • Subject Volunteers. Patients who are interested in participating in clinical studies. They need to learn about the facts and risks of a study. Determine if it is the right fit for them and have an easy workflow for joining a study.


Navazon created brand messaging and a website that communicates the values and benefits of Hope Clinical Research to both audiences in one website. We focused on the core value propositions and performed integrated digital marketing to extend the reach of Hope Clinical to all audiences in a simple and relatable language and tone. We employed the following production and marketing methods.

Website Design Digital Marketing Agency

Website Design

Copywriting Digital Marketing Agency


Landing page Digital Marketing Agency

Landing Page Design

Video production Digital Marketing Agency

Video Production

SEO Digital Marketing Agency


Social media presence Digital Marketing Agency

Social Media Presence

Pay Per Click Ad Digital Marketing Agency

PPC Advertising

Blogging Digital Marketing Agency


Integrated Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Agency

Integrated Digital Marketing

Company Brochure Digital Marketing Agency Los Angeles

Company Brochure

Print Materials Digital Marketing Agency

Print Materials

B2B Marketing Digital Marketing Agency

B2B Marketing


Our strategist and copywriters worked with the Hope Clinical team to write clear messaging for both pharmaceutical companies and study volunteers. To make the site more personal and show the personal care and family atmosphere of the clinic, we conducted a photoshoot to show pictures of the team. We produced a video that illustrates the volunteer’s journey and shares testimonials of previous study participants. This allows volunteers to know what to expect when they join a study. We automated the workflow of joining a study using HIPAA-compliant forms and digital signatures. For pharmaceutical audiences, we created web pages that highlight the clinic’s specialties and capabilities. We created messaging that talks directly to the pharma reps and helps guide their decision in selecting Hope Clinical for their next study. Navazon currently conducts digital marketing campaigns for each new study that Hope Clinical starts to help enroll volunteers and reach the study’s enrollment requirements.

  • Website Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Landing Page Design
  • Video Production
  • SEO
  • Social Media Presence
  • PPC Advertising
  • Blogging
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Company Brochure
  • Print Materials
  • B2B Marketing



Analytics slides below show the stats from March 2019 compared to March 2018.   We can see a 6,000% increase in traffic measured in page views.  We also saw a dramatic decrease in the bounce rate; the percentage of visitors leaving the site after viewing only one page.  Hope Clinical Research continues to meet or exceeds their enrollment goals for every study.