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Video Production | Escape Maternal Death

Women of Afghanistan suffer one of world’s highest maternal mortality rates.

In 2003, cultural anthropologist and graduate of UCLA School of Public Health, Taraneh Salke traveled to Afghanistan to work on reduction of maternal mortality. In 2011, Taraneh and her team made an award winning documentary film titled “Where are the Men?” about the success of the program. Today the documentary film “Where Are The Men?” serves as a crash course in maternal mortality and women’s global issues and is used as a teaching tool in more than 15 universities in the United States.

Now Taraneh and her team plan to make a new film. They plan to return to Afghanistan and re-visit the dedicated male doctors and nurses, and the brave women in Afghanistan who have made the male involvement in family planning program a success. They have started a crowd-funding campaign to help raise funds to produce the new documentary. Navazon Digital produced this compelling video pro bono to help support the crowd funding efforts and call action to the rising maternal mortality rate.