Profit. Ability.

The Playbook

Sasson Sarooei, Strategist at NavazonMy team and I have been working together for the past 20 years. We started out in the infomercial business, running national TV ads that sold everything from vegetable slicers to courses on how to buy and sell real estate. We helped many companies, large and small, increase their revenues and grow their businesses using our marketing methods. When Google introduced AdWords, we were one of their first clients. We found that the cost of advertising per order on Google AdWords was about half of that on TV. Our largest client then gave us carte blanch to buy as much media online as we could. And we did! That company quickly grew to $400 million a year. That was our start in the digital media market and it allowed us to test our infomercial marketing methods online and work on our playbook to make it perfect. We are using the same time-tested and proven methods to help our clients grow their businesses today. Whether you decide to work with us or not, I think you will benefit from some of the methodologies outlined here.