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Ramin Ghashghaei is a long-time advocate for immigrants who want to join their families in the United States. He has always been on the front lines, fighting for social justice for immigrants. He is loved by his clients and his community alike for working tirelessly to defend the disenfranchised communities and individuals. He has been featured on and interviewed on numerous documentaries and TV shows about this topic that he is so passionate about.

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Mr. Ghashghaei’s law office wanted a more predictable flow of clients. His previous website was written in English, however, most of his clients are from Latin-America with limited English language skills.

Our objective is to diversify the targeted audience of Ramin USA to generate more qualified leads, while increasing the conversion rates of those leads.


Our strategy was simple. We set out to present Ramin Ghashghaei for exactly the person he is: A real fighter who is passionate about what he does for the community. We wanted to make sure we reach the right target audience and that our messaging is clear.

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In order to accomplish inclusiveness of the entire target audience, we created a bilingual website for both English and Spanish speaking clients. To deliver a clear message, we produced two videos: one in English and one in Spanish. The video was shot on the same day with a bilingual spokesperson. The video was highly optimized for the target keywords we researched and curated. We then created two Facebook business pages, one for each language. We ran ads in both English and Spanish, directing traffic to the corresponding Facebook page and landing pages.

  • Bilingual Video Production
  • Staff Photography
  • Bilingual Website Design
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  • Landing Page Design
  • Social Media Presence
  • PPC Advertising
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In one year, the law firm’s website’s unique page views are up by over 6,000%. Since we were able to properly reach the target audience, the Bounce Rate (site abandonment) is now down by 97%. The main channel for the acquisition of traffic has changed from Direct (where users type in the domain name) to Social Media, showing us the power of social media channels and how they work to benefit business.

Client Comments

Great service and easy to get a hold of if needed. With my busy schedule, I was impressed by how fast and simple it was to create my website. Navazon Digital staff really listened to my needs and provided all the necessary tools to get my law office website up and ready. The day they came to shoot the video and take pictures of the staff, we were all impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail. The video was impressive and the pictures were better than some studio headshots we had taken in the past. Local marketing was surprisingly affordable and paid for itself quickly.

Ramin Ghashghaei, ESQ

Law Offices of Ramin Ghashghaei