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The Rise

The Rise is a strong and varied set of songs from a hard-to-pigeonhole composer Sasson and his artist friends. Their music paints a mystical and cinematic picture, using both traditional instruments and unique sounds. Some songs have a surreal feeling, lifting and carrying the listener through poetry. Poems are fluid and self-reflecting, and they unapologetically explore our universe and the human psyche from an unconventional perspective.

The Rise Logo
The Rise


To distribute the album and songs onto all major music and streaming services, as well as announce the release of the music album, “The Rise.”


Videos are great vehicles for promoting everything, and that does not exclude music. We decided to produce a music video for one of the songs and to create a website dedicated to the album to promote the music.

Graphic Design Digital Marketing Agency

Graphic Design

Website Design Digital Marketing Agency

Website Design

Music Video Production

Music Video Production


The songs were digitized with MP3 tagging and SEO tagging to ensure high visibility on the web. The website was designed with a page for each song for added SEO benefit. We created accounts with all the major streaming services and uploaded the album to SoundCloud and streamed to the site.

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development
  • Music Video Production


Our graphic designer worked with the artist to create hand-drawn digital versions of ancient Hermetic icons to represent the songs. Navazon created a music website where users can stream the music and also produced a music video for the song “Be”. The music video was a full-scale production and shot in 3 separate locations.