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Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford

Winner of the 2019 Communicator Awards | Award of Distinction | Campaign Business to Consumer for Integrated Campaign
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Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford was established in 2018, after the purchasing of an existing drug and alcohol rehab facility in New Jersey. Since they changed the name of the center to Pinelands Recovery Center, they needed to get their rebranding up and running quickly.

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To build a website that reflects the new management style and values of the company, while showcasing the beautiful facility and surroundings. We also needed to start marketing the new name and drive qualified traffic to the website to generate leads.


Although a lot of photographs of the buildings and surroundings were available to us, they were not up to professional standard. We recommended new photography to showcase the serene and beautiful space that it is. We also would create a professional website that shared their values, treatment options and a tour of the space for potential clients. Once the website would be up, we would use paid placement for immediate results, and SEO and social media marketing for long-term results.

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Our photographers flew to New Jersey and hired local models as clients in the photos. We wanted to show what a client can expect, as well as show what a typical day is like at Pinelands Recovery Center. From our previous experience with other rehab centers, we already knew that clients want to see the space and the staff above all. This caused us to pay special attention to shooting photos of the models using the facility, friendly photos of the staff, as well as aerial photos and videos of the buildings amid the lush piney woods. For a more personal touch, we shot short videos of the staff sharing their own personal journeys and what motivated them to help others in recovery. Back in LA, we built a modern website highly optimized for search and created a tour page that enables clients to see the facility.

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We designed a logo that would reflect the natural beauty of the facility. We shot photos and videos that communicate the sense of warmth and friendly comfort of the treatment center, portraying it as more of a retreat than a scary, feared place.


Although the facility opened relatively recently in Nov 2018, the website is already receiving substantial qualified traffic. As planned, most of the current traffic is generated with PPC campaigns. Our SEO work is paying off rather quickly, now contributing to 13.4% of the overall traffic as shown in the slide below. Site visitors follow our predicted flow, going from the home page to the staff page and to the tour page. Our strategy and creative work contributes to high affinity for the staff and location and ultimately results in higher conversion rates.