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Wellness Management Group

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Wellness Management Group is a full-service behavioral health and wellness management company, specializing in concierge services for the mind, body and spirit. Dedicated to helping individuals turn new, positive pages in their lives, co-founders Sean Allen and Nick Wallace espouse mental and physical well-being as the highest priority.

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The owners wanted to elevate the brand look and message to be more aligned with the level of service they provide to their clients. They had a basic website and wanted to update their messaging to better communicate the types and level of services they provide to their clients.


We identified three distinct audience types and created three landing pages with the right language and tone for each audience. We updated their existing logo and brand color palette to better represent their services and brand identity and to connect to audiences at a deeper level. We conducted interviews of the founders to clearly define their clinical philosophy and unique services offerings.

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We interviewed the founders and clinical staff to write an effective copy for the website and landing pages. We created a new color pallet better suited for high-end wellness services and updated their logo with new colors and fonts to match the new brand look. We distilled their clinical philosophy into an easy-to-understand infographic that can be shared with their clients and partners. We created a new website with a new brand look and messaging.


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Wellness Management Group now has a modern and contemporary website that works on all devices that reflects the company’s values and offerings positively and accurately.