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Clinical Research LA

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Clinical Research LA is a respected medical research company in Los Angeles conducting phase II through phase V clinical research studies.

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The objective was to create an infrastructure where whenever new clinical studies are awarded to Clinical Research LA; they can quickly find study participants to meet their enrolment goals.


We decided to build study-specific landing pages that were highly optimized, which would rank high on organic search results. The pages were also used for PPC and TV advertising and designed to keep the viewers engaged and answer their questions and encourage them to sign up.



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We designed a vibrant brand look with clear messaging that could cut through the clutter of competing ads. We developed a highly optimized website and landing pages for each study. We produced a video that let the viewer understand the benefits of joining a clinical trial study.



Clinical Research LA is number one ranking for many keywords. They regularly meet and exceed their enrolment goals for every study. In addition, they have created an extensive database of participants that they can draw upon when new studies are activated.