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LA Tax Advisor

LA Tax Advisor

Pouyan is an experienced tax adviser who has been helping companies and individuals save on their taxes for many years. He came to Navazon in 2018 to create a new website and attract new clients.

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We wanted to create a highly optimized website that is simple for users to navigate. We also wanted to develop landing pages for each specific service, like Business Formation, outlining his service deliverables and value offered.


We secured a great keyword domain name to help with SEO and his overall branding. Since people usually meet face-to-face with Pouyan, we decided to photograph him at his office to help show the user experience. This also helps the user get familiar with Pouyan so that they can feel comfortable when they go in to meet with him.

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We took some aerial photography of the office building, so clients can easily recognize it when driving there in addition to the photography of Pouyan in his office. Our graphic designers worked to create a professional website design for his tax advisory work, as well as landing page design for business formation service.


Pouyan loves his brand new design professional website, and the next step for LA Tax Advisor is to begin a local business listings service to start the flow of traffic.