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What Makes a Great Social Media Post?

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What Makes a Great Social Media Post?

Ah, the age-old question. A tale as old as time. We’ve heard it a thousand times: What do I post about on social media? It can be hard coming up with different content to write about that is not only engaging, but beautiful, sales-worthy, shareable and viral as well. If you’re struggling with how to make a great post on social media, we’ve got a few tips for you.

Edit Your Photos

This seems like a given, but you would be surprised at the low-quality photos that float all over the Instagram. You can take a simple photo and enhance it to give it a professionally shot look and feel. Just spending a few minutes on this will show tremendous benefits. The great part is you do not need to be a whiz at Photoshop to be able to edit your photos. There’s tons of apps out there such as Facetune, Camera+ and Snapseed to give your photos that extra oomph. Make sure your photos are bright, clear and have the same aesthetic throughout.

Ask Questions

Not sure what to caption a photo? One of the easiest ways to drive engagement is to ask questions. People on social media love to give their feedback – whether it be positive or negative – so try your best to work in a question on your posts. To further spike engagement, give what your answer would be as well. An example can be: “What do you love most about Disneyland? Our favorite ride is Space Mountain!” Get people agreeing or disagreeing with you – either way, it gets the conversation going!

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Give a Clear Call to Action

Part of the reason social media is so beneficial to businesses is that you can easily drive people to your sales ladder. Make sure you always keep a link in your bio to your website, or utilize a multiple link funnel such as Linktree if you have many things to offer. In all your posts, make sure to somehow tie-in the link in your bio. This should be done in a meaningful way, so if there’s no clear tie-in, try your best to reword your captions to work one in. Having “Check the link in our bio!” thrown in randomly seems inauthentic and spammy. If you’re still stuck on how to tie it in, it can also be done in your Instagram stories. It’s even easier if you have more than 10,000 followers and can take advantage of the swipe up feature.

Don’t Always Talk About Yourself

While getting people to your sales ladder is extremely important, so is brand awareness and lifestyle. People who follow you on social media are following you because they are in your target audience, so tap into their wants and needs outside of your own offerings. Nobody likes being stuck in a conversation with someone who only talks about themselves, and this goes the same for social media. Following an account that only promotes itself and only talks about itself will get dull, and your following will never truly grow because you will consistently have just as many people dropping off as you do coming on. Make sure you work in some fun tidbits that can be relatable to your target audience.

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Armed with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, Jaclyn Uloth started her career at a full-service digital marketing firm for five years, guiding many websites to completion as well as developing and executing sophisticated marketing strategies for countless brands. More recently, she was in charge of digital, social media, and paid advertising efforts for well-known multinational franchise operations. Currently, she is using her years of experience and writing abilities to write marketing copy and blogs to boost the online presence of the brands she works with.