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5 Foolproof B2B Outreach Tips

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5 Foolproof B2B Outreach Tips

5 Foolproof B2B Outreach Tips

When you’re in the B2B (business to business) industry, getting new leads and guiding them through your sales pitch is extremely important to know how to do properly. Whether you gather your leads through email marketing, social media, paid ads or sales funnels, you need to learn absolutely everything you can about a business before the pitch. The biggest question always is: how do you do effective B2B outreach?

With B2B Outreach, Connect. Don’t Sell

In the B2B industry, making a connection with your clients is more important than anything else. These will be companies and people that you will be (hopefully) working with for a long time, so having a good working relationship is extremely important. Find something that will pique your lead or target audience’s interest and use that. If you have a fun or engaging ad that gets them to click, it works as a great ice breaker to open the conversation. Make them feel comfortable talking with you, and that you already have a feel for what they might need you for.

5 Foolproof B2B Outreach Tips

5 Foolproof B2B Outreach Tips

Know Your Brand

Did you know that 63% of prospects are “somewhat” or “not at all” knowledgeable about a company before a sales rep makes the first contact? That means that you have the opportunity to educate your leads about your brand, product, or service. More than 50% of prospects want to see how a product works on the first call or click to a landing page, so make sure you are able to articulate that clearly and concisely. Take the extra step to hire a great copywriter or an awesome graphic designer to help you out if you’re stuck with a bunch of paragraphs that no one is reading.

Listen During B2B Outreach

Don’t always tell your audience of B2B businesses what they need. Make sure you take the time to listen throughout most of the conversation. Ask questions and make small talk that allows them to dive deep. Take time to research your prospects and learn as much about them as you possibly can before engaging with them. They will notice and appreciate you looking into it. This can also mean asking them to fill out a small lead capture form in exchange for a free nugget of information. Giving as much value upfront as possible before you even speak with a lead will have them wanting more.

Share Your Vision

After you’ve connected with your lead in an engaging way, clearly educated them about what you do, and listened to their needs, now is the time to explain how you can help. Explain to them what your point of view is, and share your vision for their business. If you show them that you are passionate about their business, they will remember that. Whether this is done through email or on the phone, now is the time to make the close.

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